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160LB Premium Color Bumpers & XOB Barbell - Out of Stock

160LB Premium Color Bumpers & XOB Barbell - Out of Stock

Out of Stock
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Mens 20kg XOB Bar
Womens 15kg
Bundled 45lb Pair
Bundled 25lb Pair
Bundled 10lb Pair
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Bumpers & Plates



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Designed and tested by coaches and athletes, these plates are made to take on any lift or WOD. The steel inserts fit snug on all standard Olympic bars. If you are looking to add more plates to your gym, or need a set for home, these are the perfect choice. Made from durable 100% rubber, the X Training Bumper Plate is designed for low bounce, and high durability. 

- 2x 10lb Color Bumper Plates
- 2x 25lb Color Bumper Plates
- 2x 45lb Color Bumper Plates
- 1x XOB Olympic Barbell
- 1x Spring Collar Pair

- Solid Steel Insert Diameter- 2"
- Bumper Diameter- 17.7"

- 10lb Plate width- .90"
- 15lb Plate Width- 1.25"
- 25lb Plate Width- 1.80"
- 35lb Plate Width-2.5"
- 45lb Plate Width- 3.25"


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