Elite Series Garage Package - Platinum

Elite Series Garage Package - Platinum

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Squat Stand Choices
Barbell Options
Bench Options
Bundled Collars
F-1 Speed Rope Color
Bundled Rings
Bundled Plyobox
Bundled 16kg KB
Bundled 24kg KB
Bundled 35lb Pair
Bundled 15lb Pair
Bundled 25lb Pair
Bundled 45lb Pair
Bundled 10lb Pair
Bundled 20lb WB
Bundled 14lb WB
Bundled Timer
Bundled Fractionals
Bundled Banner
Optional Add-ons
Dip Station Attachment [+$99.00]
Ab Pad [+$19.00]
Additional Pair 45lb Color Bumpers [+$119.00]
1LB of Chalk [+$10.00]
Bundled 50lb DBs
Bundled 35lb DBs

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If you choose an XSR Slim Rig, please add a note on the checkout page if you would like it to be 1ft or 2ft from the wall.

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