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Hip & Core System

Hip & Core System

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The medically-designed CS Hip & Core System quickly primes your body to perform your best each day while also developing strength and stability for long term health and performance.


The Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System includes the patent pending Hip Halo, exercise chart, training guide (pdf) and access to the Training Zone.

The System includes 3 exercise programs for activating and strengthening the muscles of the hip and core, along with 30 day rehab programs for back, knee and hip pain.

Light(Yellow) Resistance

The Light Hip HALO is designed for those just getting starting with a workout program.

Recommended for:

  • Youth Athletes
  • New to Strength Training
  • Took some time off and want to ease back into training (e.g.- postpartum, rehabbing injury, etc.)

Medium(Red) Resistance

The Medium Hip HALO is recommended for those with experience weightlifting, high school athletes, and active adults.

Recommended for:

  • Most high school athletes
  • Active adults

Heavy(Blue) Resistance

The Heavy Hip HALO is recommended for those with extensive experience weightlifting, move really well, and the primary goal is pushing strength and performance.

Recommended for:

  • Collegiate, professional or elite fitness athletes
  • Larger Adults

The Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System has a flat shipping fee of $5.95


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