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Manila Climbing Rope

Manila Climbing Rope

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Our Grade A manila climbing ropes are individually handcrafted with a technique known as splicing, the attachment end is braided back into itself to form a 6" loop. The spliced loop of your climbing rope forms a superior method for attaching the rope with a safe weight load of over 5,000 pounds, in short, it'll hold up in under the toughest conditions. The rope can be hung over a fixed object and looped back into itself or you can use a chain and carabiner. The loop is covered with a heavy duty nylon friction guard to protect from fray. The end of the climbing rope is finished off with a heavy duty vinyl boot to protect from fraying.

Please Note: Climbing Ropes are made to order and can take up to four business days before being ready to ship.
  • Diameters are 1.5"-2" & lengths from 14-24' (The most popular rope size is the 1.5" x 15ft)
  • 6" spliced soft loop protected by nylon friction guard

Warning! Rope climbing is inherently dangerous. X Training Equipment® does not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads at the base of all climbing ropes. By purchasing this product with this warning being posted X Training Equipment® absolves itself from any claims made while using X Training Equipment® climbing ropes.



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