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Quality Speed And Agility Equipment

Posted by X Training Equipment on 9/17/2014

Besides focusing on raw strength, it’s also essential that you focus on building your agility and your speed as part of your fitness routine. Here at X Training Equipment, we specialize in supplying our customers with high quality speed and agility equipment that’s both effective and affordable. Look no further if you’re in need of a way to make your workout routine more dynamic and your body more efficient.

Agility Hurdles

Having quick feet is valuable in nearly every sport there is. Our agility hurdles are great for several different types of movement training, such as:

· Lateral

· Backward

· Forward

You can adjust the hurdles to several different heights as well as positions to fit your specific needs. We recommend that you use the agility hurdles along with a shoulder weight, or MuscleDriver weigh vest, in order to get as much impact out of your workout as possible. Our hurdles are constructed from PVC and measure 18 inches wide.

Adjustable Agility Ladder ELITE

Get on the same level as professional athletes with the agility ladder. Not only is the ladder great for inside and outside workouts, you can also connect additional ladders to it with the side-release buckles. Adjust the PVC rungs to your liking as you work on your footwork and run through agility-building exercises. We’ll also throw in a carrying bag for your agility ladder absolutely free of charge.

If you feel that something is missing from your fitness routine, add a few speed and agility equipment pieces and see if that takes your routine to the next level.

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