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Wrist Wraps - Heavy

Wrist Wraps - Heavy

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Again Faster Wrist Wraps, sold in pairs, replace expensive athletic tape as the primary way to protect your wrists during lifts and gymnastic movements. Solid and durable, these wrist wraps are ready to go in seconds. Put your thumb through the loop, wrap to your desired tension, lock down the velcro and go!

If you're routinely putting up big numbers, Again Faster Heavyweight Wrist Wraps are for you. Built specifically for going heavy, these wrist wraps provide ample wrist support for pressing, jerking, overhead squats, benching and handstand pushups, with extra stiffness for moving big loads.

Thumb loop for easy-on, easy-off
Velcro closure for rapid tension adjustment
Regular - Replaces the use of expensive athletic tape
Regular - Protects your wrists during lifts and gymnastics movements
Heavyweight - Extra support for overhead squats, presses, benching, and fast lifts
Heavyweight - Made for those putting up heavy loads and going overhead for high reps

Sizing: One size fits all



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