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X1 Garage Package - Out of Stock

X1 Garage Package - Out of Stock

Out of Stock
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20kg XOB
15kg XOB
20kg Elite Comp [+$59.00]
15kg Elite Comp [+$59.00]
20kg Elite Bearing [+$79.00]
15kg Elite Bearing [+$79.00]
Bundled Collars
Pro Garage Timer [+$79.00]
Dip Station Attachment [+$99.00]
Heavy-Duty Flat Bench [+$129.00]
Fractional Set [+$29.00]
1LB Gym Chalk [+$10.00]
Spotter Arm Pair [+$129.00]
Bundled 45lbs
Bundled 25lbs
Bundled 10lbs
Bundled Squat Stand



Feature 5

The X1 Garage Package includes key pieces of equipment for your custom garage gym in a space saving kit. The X1 Squat & Bench Stand is paired with 160lbs of premium bumper plates and your choice of barbell covered by a lifetime warranty. Rated for over 1,000 pounds, the X1 Squat Stand is made from 11-gauge steel.

XOB Barbel and Bumper Plates


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