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Essential Kettlebell Set - 18lb, 35lb, 53lb, 70lb - Out of Stock

Essential Kettlebell Set - 18lb, 35lb, 53lb, 70lb - Out of Stock

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Essential Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells are one of the simplest and yet most broadly functional pieces of fitness equipment. Kettlebell movements train core-to-extremity motor patterns that are universally applicable to all exercise programs and perfect for cultivating strength, stability, and explosiveness in elite athletes. X Training Equipment Kettlebells were designed to bring you functionality along with unmatched durability, grip, and ease of use.

This set includes one of each of the following sizes: 18lb, 35lb, 53lb, and 70lb

    Product Highlights

  • A textured, matte black powdercoat finish offers superior grip and takes chalk extremely well.
  • Made from durable cast iron molded with a single pour, the handle and body form a single, seamless finished product.
  • A flat, seamless bottom means you can put your kettlebell down without the risk of testing your big toe's weight tolerance.

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