Platinum Garage Package
Platinum Garage Package

Platinum Garage Package


  • 20kg

  • 15kg

The Ultimate Garage Gym

The X Training Platinum Garage Package is the ultimate garage gym. With 350lbs of color bumper plates, the fast-spinning Elite Bearing Barbell and the X3 Squat Stand, it's the perfect solution to athletes looking for a multipurpose home gym for HIIT, crosstraining, powerlifiting, and olympic lifting. The package also includes 35lb and 53lb kettlebells, 35 and 50lb dumbbell pairs, 14lb and 20lb medicine balls, a bench, gym timer, plyo box, speed rope, and gymnastics rings.

  • The X3 is a competition squat stand rated for 1,000lbs and provides maximum functionality in a small footprint.
  • Solid Construction: Go ahead and PR that lift without worrying about your plates. Designed for low bounce and high durability, X Training odorless bumpers are constructed of 100% solid rubber to withstand punishment during any strength training or fitness workout from deadlift to max rep lifts.
  • The Elite Comp 2.0 Olympic Barbell features 215K PSI steel, no center knurling, self-lubricating bronze bushings, and black chrome finish.
  • X3 Squat Stand Details
  • Elite Bearing Olympic Barbell Details
  • 350lb Premium Color Bumper Plates (2x10lb, 2x15lb, 2x25lb, 2x35lb, and 4x45lb) Details.
  • 35 and 53lb Kettlebells Details
  • 35 and 50lb Dumbbell Pairs Details
  • 14 and 20lb Medicine Balls Details
  • USA Timer Sidekick Gym Timer Details
  • 35 & 53lb Kettlebells Details
  • Wood Plyo Box Details
  • SX-1 Speed Rope Details
  • XB Flat Bench Details
  • Premium Wood Gymnastics Rings with 2.0 Straps Details
  • Spring Collar Pair
  • X Training Olympic Barbells all have a Lifetime Warranty.
  • X Training 5-15lb bumper plates are warrantied for 6 months. The 25-45lb bumper plates are warrantied for 3 years. Read warranty details.
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