How come I didn't receive my entire order?

There are a few scenarios in which your entire order would not arrive at the same time:

  • The case for most orders is that UPS has split up the shipment into multiple deliveries, you can verify this by checking your tracking number from a desktop computer and clicking on the Packages section at the bottom.
  • Some items such as Assault Bikes, Concept2 Rowers, or Crossover Symmetry may be drop-shipped from another location and have different delivery times. We will do our best to send you these tracking numbers as well.
  • The final scenario is if we happened to of run out of one of your items but wanted to get the majority of your order shipped out to you, if this is the case we will ship your remaining items as soon as they arrive to us.

What do I do if my order is damaged during transit?

Depending on how your order is shipped will determine the best process:

  • UPS/USPS—Send us pictures of the damaged item(s), preferably one still in the box so we can evaluate packaging and then one of the item out of the box so we can see the extent of the damage. You can send them to orders@xtraining.com and we will proceed with further steps from there.
  • Freight—The extent of the damage you see upon arrival will determine whether you need to refuse the shipment or accept it and then contact us:

If your order has a variety of large/heavy items that are damaged, it will be best to refuse shipment so the freight carrier will cover the cost of getting it back to us. If you have numerous items damaged but accept the delivery, then you immediately waive all liability of the freight carrier and will be responsible for getting the damaged items back to us for replacement.

In the event that the majority of your order is not damaged, but something rather small or lightweight is the item in question, then it will be best to accept the shipment and reach out to us for replacement. In either case, you can send pictures and inquiries to orders@xtraining.com.

Do you ship outside of the Contiguous United States?

X Training Equipment does ship internationally on a case by case basis. Our most frequent international buyers are in Canada and Puerto Rico. You can inquire by sending a full equipment list as well as the shipping address to sales@xtraining.com.

Please note: Once a shipment leaves the United States it is then out of our hands as we cannot guarantee proper exchange of goods outside of our territory.

How long after I place my order until it ships?

Assuming none of the items you order say pre-order or out of stock, then during normal seasons the average order ships within 2-3 days. Larger orders that may require building pallets and scheduling Freight Carrier pickups can take 5-7 days.

During the holiday season or larger sales we are all hands on deck getting orders shipped out, but it is inevitable that orders coming in will exceed orders going out. On average during these times, orders can take up to 7-10 days to be processed and in the most extreme cases(Black Friday/Cyber Monday) orders can take 3-4 weeks.

If you have an order that needs to be expedited or special delivery instructions, please reach out to us before placing the order so we can check the best options for you.

How long after I get my shipping confirmation will my equipment arrive?

Within 24 hours of receiving your shipping confirmation your tracking number will be active. Items shipping USPS Priority will arrive within 1-3 days, UPS Ground within 3-5 days, and Freight Carrier 3-5 days. If your order is shipping via Freight Carrier then they will call you before the estimated date to schedule a delivery window.

Price Guarantees

Price adjustments are not eligible on special promotions, including but not limited to, holiday sales, limited time offers, free shipping, clearance, final sale, Concept 2 products, and Assault Bike products and purchases. Please contact support@xtraining.com with your order number to inquire about price guarantees. Price adjustments can be redeemed within seven days of order shipping.

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